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All dressed up… but don’t want to go?

Mardi Gras Float

Mardi Gras season has officially arrived! Taking advantage of the many festivals and celebrations in St. Louis is one of the reasons we love to live here. What if you wake up Saturday morning not quite in the mood for the chaotic and spirit filled streets of Historic Soulard, but want to wear your beads and celebrate this fat-tastic holiday with your community? We’ve put together a couple of ideas to get your party-itch satisfied without dealing with the crowds.


  1. Throw a Block Mardi Party. Consider posting fliers in your neighborhood park or cul-de-sac. Be sure to ask everyone who attends to bring snacks and games to share, and their own folding chairs and booze. To set the festive mood, bring along a wireless speaker and Mardi Gras beads. Voila! You’ve got yourself a Mardi-party in the street with your warm bed 100 feet away.

*Babysitters optional.

  1. Make it a Fat Date. If your favorite part of Mardi Gras is the cajun food, mix things up this year by staying at home! Make a date with your honey or your bestie and spend Saturday cooking New Orleans inspired meals! Check out these recipes from Southern Living, (we’re realtors, not chefs). We challenge you to a King Cake making contest.

* We suggest putting the plastic baby Jesus into the cake after cooking

  1. The Lazy Man’s Mardi Party. If all of this cooking and party planning sounds like way too much work, St. Louis has many restaurants offering delicious cajun cuisine. We would put a ‘Top Ten Cajun Restaurants’ list together for you, but STLRestaurant.News already did. Click here for mouth-watering, Fat Tuesday worthy restaurants.

*We recommend calling ahead and making reservations if restaurants will allow it. It is Mardi Gras in St. Louis after all.

  1. Get out of Here. If you want to get out of St. Louis County, Cedar Lake Cellars is hosting their first Mardi Gras Celebration. Head over to Wright City for a wide variety of southern fare and some of their delicious wine. You can find more information here.

*Did someone say wine slushie?

  1. Make your own parade. Although St. Louis throws one great Mardi Gras parade, we may have borrowed the idea from New Orleans. Our favorite New Orleans tradition is the Second Line. This is a mini-parade used to celebrate different events, such as weddings. Throw one together with your family or friends. A small jazz band, parasails for the leaders, and handkerchiefs for all, are preferred. We think all you really need are some pots and pans, tissues, and large decorated sticks. Learn more about the fun tradition here.

*Please invite us to the party, we’re dying to participate in our first Second Line.


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