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4 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook When Buying a Home

There are countless things to consider when looking to buy a home in St. Louis.  Perhaps the most important is choosing the right Realtor to represent you.  Contact The Agency today to get your home search started!  Below are 4 things that most people don’t take into account when they start the process.

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The process of homebuying can be overwhelming — from figuring out how much house you can afford to determining what you truly need in that home. Between all the numbers and logistics, it is easy to leave a few things off the checklist. Check out the below list of common things buyers overlook so you don’t.

Environmental Factors

Noise, odor and bright lights can get in the way of enjoying a home. Since not all of these will make themselves known in the daytime, consider driving through your potential neighborhood at varying times in the day and week so you get a true feel. Even if you think you have found a great neighborhood, you will want to see what it is like both on weekdays and weekends, mornings and evenings. It’s a good idea to try talking to neighbors and asking around in the community to find out if you and your family would be compatible. When it comes to safety, you can try doing an online search for nearby sex offenders or look into crime rates.

Distance from Work, Shopping

They say “location, location, location” — and yet buyers still don’t always look at the full scope when it comes to where their house is located. You cannot change the proximity to schools, commutes to and from work or how close the nearest supermarket and mall are. It’s important to look into these factors as well as traffic and transportation options so you can determine if this is the right home for your family.


When it comes to modern living, there’s a new factor to consider — connectivity. This means cellphone coverage, ability to get a strong Internet signal and charging potential. Older homes have fewer outlets so if you need a spot for your television, iPad, iPod, laptop, e-reader and electric toothbrush, be sure you find a house that can sustain all that.

Extra Costs

Before you make a home purchase, it’s a good idea to do your research and find out how much closing costs will be, how far property taxes will set you back and how much homeowner’s insurance is. Another important factor is the potential resale value of the home. Although it seems weird to think of selling a home you haven’t even bought yet, you want to look into the median home-price growth in the area to help determine if this is a good investment.